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NFC: Information on "Gregor."

Found a bit of really interesting information on Gregor, some of which was
really surprising.  From: Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Northeastern
North America, by Peckarsky, Barbara L. et al.:

Order Hemiptera, Class Belostomatidae, Genus Lethocerus (Most likely.)

... some hemipterans have very unusual oviposition habits.... The most
unusual...occurs in the subfamily Belostomatinae of the Belostomatidae, in
which females ovipost on the backs of the males.  The males brood and
oxygenate the eggs until they hatch....
   Adults ... signal acousticall or by surface wave production....
Adult and nymphal hemipterans are predaceous, having mouthparts
specialized for peircing and sucking the contents of their prey....
Aquatic and semiaquatic hemipterans prey on a variety of aquatic insects
and crustaceans.  Forelegs are generally specialized for seizing and
holding prey while thier contents are sucked up thru piercing mouthparts.
There are even accounts of large aquatic hemipterans consuming
vertebrates; for example, Matheson reported observing Lethocerus
americanus attacking a woodpecker, and wilson observed L. uhleri feeding
on a 30 cm long banded water snake!  Giant water bugs can be pests in fish
hatcheries, since they feed on fush up to 7.5 cm long.

One of my suitemates went home this weekend and had to come back today.
Coming back, he brought with him one of those horid 1-2 gallon hex tanks.
Gregor and crawfish are now both happilly swimming in it.  Hopefully this
weekend, I'll be able to run into town and get a 10 gallon tank or
something to stick him in.  
We'll see how this goes... Maybe I'll try breeding these things. :)

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