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Re: NFC: Gregor.

Is ti from Kafka's The Metamorphosis?  Gregor Samsa?

Joshua L Wiegert wrote:

> Hey All.
>   Just thought I'd tel everyone about my most recent ... weirdism. :)
>   Last night, my suitemates and I decided to go "peeping."  No, not THAT
> kind of peeping. :p  Peeping as in hunting for the first few wpring
> peepers at night.  Unfortunately, the temperature dropped and we didn't
> hear/see/catch any (just as well, the one thing no one figured out ahead
> of time was what we would do with them once caught. :)  However, aside
> from finding a nice place where lots of minnows could be found, a few
> crayfish, and seeing a pair of beaver, we found Gregor... a large (2-3,"
> being conservative) predatious beetle.  He's now living in a cookie tray
> on our sink... We threw him and the other catch ( a signel itty bitty
> crawdad, a few Trichoptera) in there with some Java Fern, a few hunks of
> coconut shell and.. ahem the lids off a few jars (Hey, we were
> improvising. :)
>    So far so good.. he killed and ate part of the feeder gldfish we threw
> in there.
>    This should be a pretty interesting thing to try, keeping something
> like that for a time being.
>   To whoever gets the meaning of the bugs name, "Gregor,"  I grant a free
> cookie (albeit, a virtual cookie.)
>  end
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