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NFC: Re: NFC-Breeders: Hepl ROBERT PLEASE (fwd)

-> Robert: if the OH residents can't supply the fish, I should be able 
-> to get some when I go to the ALA convention (May 14-16, 1999) if we 
-> get the Ohio SCP before then.

I have the SRBD now, will get Fundulus notatus within two weeks, and if
the weather works out I can get some smaller logperch within that time
frame also.  Perhaps Mark Binkley has a collecting locality for
Blackside darters. Mark you out there?  Want to do an NFC Project
collecting trip with me?  How about a pair or two of Variegate darters,
Etheostoma variegatum? They are truly outstanding. Another fish to
consider is Luxilus ardens (don't remember if the genus is
right-reference book is at home), the rosefin shiner....its a really
nice easy to care for fish. Do they want any native plants? Spring
Valley will be loaded with many types by summer.

BTW, my bluntnose minnows spawned day before yesterday underneath a
piece of wood.  This is the first native minnow I have spawned in an