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NFC: Collecting Trip.

   I did manage to make a short collecting trip this Sunday, though I
didn't get to my favorite darter stream until almost 4 PM.  That left me
about two hours collecting time, though after a little while I got rather
discouraged and headed back.  My favorite stream has been invaded
completely by crawdads, I didn't see a single adult darter... only a
single juvenile was found under a rock.  I put him back... This stream
used to hold a large number of E. olmstedi and occassionally E. nigrum
darters, now the crawdads are completely displacing them, I guess.  Guess
its time to overcollect Crawdads and enjoy a barbecue. :)  
   It all makes me feel a little bad that maybe I've been overcollecting
the darters from that stretch of stream, letting the CD's move in to the
niche. . . . I hope its not hte case.  Regardless though, its an important
thing to note just what kind of effect we can have on a small stream just
by collecting.... 

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