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NFC: Fish Wish List changes

-> Due to complaints to JUNO about my posting of the Fish Wish List in the
-> following groups Rec.Aquaria, NFC at actwin_com I can no longer post the
-> fish wish list anywhere except on the fwl newsgroup. I am sorry for the
-> inconvience but as they say all it takes is one and in this case it did.
-> So if youd like to recieve the FWL please join the FWL email list 
-> wich is a low volume list exclusilvly for obtaining fish for the home 
-> pond aquarium, public zoo, etc....Thank You and to subscribe to the 
-> Fishwish list send an email to majordomo at actwin_com with the message 
-> subscribe FWL

-> Robert Rice
Robert can you please send a message out on that list as I don't
remember if I joined it or not hehe.  there may be more of us in that
boat too.