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NFC: Collecting results

Well, as planned (sort of) I went to the Yazoo City region.  I left 
kind of late in the afternoon.  Since noone else was coming I just 
wanted to sample a couple of areas I knew about.  Unfortunately 
the water was very high, swift, and turbid due to a thunderstorm the 
night before.  After wading chest deep in muck all I had to show for 
my efforts were a baby channel cat and a few fathead minnows.

So I went looking for a more managable creek, and shortly found 
one that looked like perfect darter territory.  Rocky, clear 
(somewhat), and cold. After a few swipes with the dipnet came up 
empty, my son got bored and started throwing rocks.  He found an 
unusual one and showed it to me, and I immediately recognized it 
as a fossilized bivalve.  We started looking for more and found 
them all over the place.  Also a piece of petrified wood and a bone 

So, it wasn't a total wash.  We brought home about 20 fossils, 
most of which were the aforementioned bivalve.



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