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Re: NFC: brackish natives

Tony wrote:
> As a brackish water tank was my first aquarium many moons ago, that type
> of setup still remains a favorite of mine. Do any of you collectors that
> live near coastal areas ever find many brackish water species? What
> kinds do you find and which ones make suitable aquarium specimens?
> Tony

Years ago, growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, I used to catch all sorts
of native species (for bait and aquarium).  In the backs of coves, my
minnow trap would produce mostly Bayou Killifish, but sometimes I'd get
lucky and get some Longnose Killies or Sheepshead Minnows (as kids,
these three species were referred to as "minnows", "baby pickerel",
"baby sunnies", respectively).

I kept all of these at one point or another, as well as small
Pumpkinseeds and Yellow Perch.  Baby eels, grass shrimp, and small blue
crabs also found their way into my tanks.

The killifishes are very good aquarium species.  They are hardy and will
eat just about anything that will fit in their little mouths.  I found
the Sheepshead Minnows to be the most interesting and colorful.  These
species are all very tolerant of varying salinities and water
conditions.  I would highly recommend them for any brackish tank.

Unfortunately, I live on the west coast now and do not have access to
these fish.  I know there must be some NFC members near Atlantic
estuaries that hold these and other similar species.


Christian C. Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net