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Re: NFC: Culturing Mosquito Larvae.....

The best method I've ever found to do it is to set up something to grow
them out in myself, such as a small fish pond, bucket or something like
that... then take an old woman's stocking (thats an old stocking of a
woman, not a stocking of an old woman.... though those might be easier to
get.)  Take a big cup or something, scoop the top of the water, and funnel
it thru there.  Or, for a bucket or something like that, I usually pull
the whole thing out and poor just the top most sections thru the water
(avoids the leaf-litter.)  BTW... setting one of these up in the backyard
is a surefire way to get rid of neighboors. :)

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On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, robert a rice wrote:

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> Subject: NFC: Culturing Mosquito Larvae.....
> Its getting towards that time of year for lil blood suckers and their
> tasty kids to make an apperance. Does anyone have a system that really
> gets the larvae in your container...Someone told me a peice o white bread
> but I found it a mess and did not seem to increase the larvae
> load.....TIA
> Robert Rice
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