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NFC: Re: question about redfin darter

Tony, this is my first time keeping these darters as I haven't lived in this
state long enough to keep a lot of MS fishes.  But I'll give it a stab.

>D. Martin Moore, I see in your post about collecting redfin darters from
>near your house.  Also, I read in the book Fishes of Arkansas that
>redfin darter are easier to keep than many darters and accept prepared
>food readily.  What state and how far south is this stream?

Mississippi, east of Jackson.  In other words, the waters they live in gets
quite warm (into the 80's even).  These fish were collected from a stream
only 3 feet across at the widest point (less than 1 foot in many places),
mud bottomed, and sluggish.

>How warm is the water the darter lives in at this time?

Stream temperature is in the 60's.  The aquarium they are in is at 74F.
They appear to be doing very well, with no signs of distress.

>Do they begin breeding?

This is their spawning time in nature.  The specimens I collected are in
full breeding plumage.

>How long will they remain colorful and how long the breeding season

I don't know.  At the museum they gradually lose their color after being
placed in captivity.

>Any more experience and suggestion on keeping this species?

When I get some experience I'll let you know!