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NFC: Salmon article in Time

An extract from an article in "Time". For full text, see URL below:


MARCH 29, 1999 VOL. 153 NO. 12 SPECIAL ISSUE
TIME 100/

Saving the Salmon

Greater Seattle may be best known around the world for Microsoft,
Starbucks and rock bands like Nirvana, but residents know it for something
less flashy: its rich stock of wild salmon. Last week the Federal
Government, noting that that stock is running dangerously low, placed
seven types of salmon and two types of trout on its list of threatened or
endangered species. Never before has the regulatory machinery of the
Endangered Species Act been turned on so large or heavily populated an
area. Saving the fish from extinction will require sacrifices from
Seattle, Portland, Ore., and the surrounding counties and could slow
development in one of the fastest-growing regions of the U.S. For now,
locals--who face restrictions on everything from how they generate
electricity to how they wash their cars--are rallying to the cause,
reacting with none of the fury that greeted measures to protect the
spotted owl in 1990. There are, to be sure, some dissenting voices, and
when the new policies begin to bite, there are likely to be more. The only
thing that seems certain so far is that saving the salmon will be an
uphill fight.

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