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NFC: RE: Magazine Articles

Many of them can be found at


- Michael Granville
granm at cosmdoyne_com
Torrance, CA

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> Anybody know were to find these articles on the internet? They were in
> past issues of Tropical Fish Hobbyist.
> Keeping US Native Fishes in Ponds         By: Stephen J. Smith
> MONSTER! Tank                                    By: Sharon Garrison and
> Steve Shutjer
> Taming the Big Cats                               By:  R. Shane Linder
> The Majestic Red Tailed Catfish               By:  John Ruscio
> Piranhas Fact and Fiction                       By:   Tom Neal
> Going Native! The North American Native Fish Community Tank     By: 
> Robert Rice
> Cats in the Cradle                                    By:  Spencer Glass
> The Best Disaste in History                      By: Larry Vires
> The Miser's Guide to Native Fish Keeping   By: Robert Rice
> Thx and see yahs.