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NFC: Off Topic: mellissa virus

Unfortunately, this one is real.. visit www.cert.org for more information.

Theres currently a virus being distributed by e-mailed called the Mellissa
virus.  Its typically coming in on e-mail messages with the subject
Important Message from <Someone you know's full name.>  The mail contains
an attachment (of course -- e-mail can't contain a virus) thats a .doc
file for Word 97 or Word 2000.  When you open this file, the macros in it
- which are an executable - send mail messages off to the first 50 names
in your adress book, if you're using Microsoft Outlook or a few others.
It may also include .docs from your own computer, with that virus
imbedded.  The typical .doc coming out is "list.doc."  Obviously, it could
be any .doc file.  
If you do somehow get Mellissa, please keep in mind that the person who
sent it to you is _not_ at fault, but another victim.  The virus nailed
them, and sent itself out to you.  You should notify them.  
Some tips: get a virus scanner, don't open any attachments for the time
being, disable macros in any editor programs.  

This is a scary virus.. .especially so because it will quickly spread
itself (espeically if mailing lists are in your adress book.) amazingly
rapidly, and sounds like all those viruses that shut off your alarm clock,
make the television channels change by themselves, and keep the
refrigerator light on, even when the doors closed!  Most viruses always
come in .exe, .com, .bat, or other such files -- this ones being snuck in
a .doc, which are usually "safe" files.  

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