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Re: NFC: Question about scratching acrylic tanks...

Baynon wrote:

> How easily do acrylic fishtanks scratch?  I spoke with someone who told
> me that they calloct more algae on them than glass tanks, and that he
> actually scratched the acrylic tank with a sponge removing the algae!!!

I haven't heard that algae grows more quickly on acrylic.  It doesn't make
any sense to me, but I'm all eyes if someone can explain it.  The algae
seems to grow more quickly in the scratches; it may also be a little more
difficult to remove.

The acrylic is much softer than glass; I think we all know this.  Normal
sponges or any porous cleaning pad may pick up some grit.  As you wipe the
acrylic, you add more scratches, so you need to be careful when you are
cleaning around the gravel.

Special scrubbers are made for cleaning acrylic tanks so make sure you get
one for the appropriate surface.

> Do they make acrylic tanks differently (more scratch resistant) now than
> they did say 8 years ago???

Don't know.