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Re: NFC: Fish Wish List.....

Hi Robert.  Could you please remove me from the NFC list.  Thank You.


robert a rice wrote:

> If you want your ad to be added or deleted to/from the wish list drop
> me a note to robertrice at juno_com or Join the Fish Wish List at
> FWL at actwin_com
> by sending a note to Majordoma at actwin_com with the following message in
> the body subscribe FWL. This list is provided as service  to interested
> parties and email lists
> .I accept NO responsibility  for any bad trades or illegal actions
> resulting from contacts made on this list. Deadbeat traders will be
> kicked off the list. All parties are expected to act in good faith and
> follow all applicable laws. (I just type the list folks ) All ads subject
> to rejection solely at my discretion. This list is not affiliated with
> any organization and may be reposted in it's entirety without my
> permission. If you want to look at theese fish go to the NFC website at
> http://nativefish.interspeed.net and check out their HUGE photo gallery.
> ************************************************************
> Robert Rice robertrice at juno_com 2213 Prytania Circle Navarre Fl 32566
> Has for sale a variety of native Species Including but not limited to .
> Sailfin Shiners, Flagfin Shiners, Ellasoma evergladi, Evergladi Zonatum ,
> Blue Spotted Sunfish, Black banded Sunfish,Fundulus Chrysotus, Fundulus
> Cingulatus, Heterandria Formosa, Leptolucania Ommata, Brown Darters,
> orangethroat darters other species avalaible just ask. Prices 3$ a piece
> for shiners , killies, pygmy fishes subject avaliability, 5$ for big
> sunnies plus 15$ shipping handling. If you have a specific request such
> as redfin pickerels or to sub contact me for a day lJUST ASK !! I am a
> licensed dealer and follow all state and federal laws.
> John Brill- 61 Brookside Ave. Livingstone, NJ  07039
> Phone # (973) 533-1397
> HAS FOR TRADE: Enneacanthus chaetodon , E.gloriosus , E.
> obesus, Umbra pygmaea , Aphredoderus sayanus (Pirate Perch
> very rare in NJ) , Etheostoma fusiforme , Fundulus heteroclitus ,
> Cyprinidon variegatus ovinus , Lucania parva, Syngnathus fuscus, Mendina
> beryllina and many other Atlantic
> coastal plain and estuarine species. WANTS: Lota lota , Archoplites
> interrupts, Hiodon spp. ,  Aplodinotus cycleptus, Ictiobus and other
> sucker species, or anything else I haven't had before. Write or call
> first; all correspondence  answered. Some recent bad experiences with
> deadbeat traders.  Only   interested in hearing from people who are
> serious about trading and willing to reciprocate.
> Bill Voiers, 96 Angle St. PO Box 388 , Eureka Springs, AR
> 72632 Phone #: (501) 253-9558,  Fax #: (501) 253-9558.
> HAS FOR TRADE: Etheostoma juliae, E. euzonum and other
> Arkansas native darters (excluding E. moorei) for any
> species of Nothonotus, excluding E. rufilineatum .
> Tim Wolfe -2911 Belle Aire Blvd. Theodore, AL 36582
> Phone #: (334) 973-2524.
> HAS FOR TRADE: Flagfin shiners, sailfin shiners, Elassoma
> species, many others. ALSO HAS: tropicals including angels,
> guppies , Corydoras  catfish for trade. WANTS : Various  darters and
> Carolina shiners for breeding program.
> Ray Katula - w 1545 Spring Coulee Road, Genoa Wis. 54632 (608) 689-2726
> Has for sale/trade: Highline Carpsuckers, Spotted Suckers ,Flame Chubs,
> Southern Redbelly Dace Redside Dace. Ask me about terms.
> Wants: Ashy Darter , Tri Color Shiner, Bluebreast Darter , Variegated
> darter . At VERY reasonable Prices
> Bruce Scott
> 520 E. Lake Hazel Rd., Meridian, ID  83642  Email: br0630 at aol_com
> H. formosa, [tadpole madtoms (N. gyrinus), some less than 1" long], and
> dwarf
> crayfish (C. shufeldtii); can get small pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow
> perch,
> white crappie at certain times of the year.
> margined matoms (N. insignis), orangefin madtoms (gilberti), least
> madtoms (N.
> hildebrandi), Neosho midget crayfish (O. macrus), any pygmy sunfish
> (Elassoma)
> and any or all kinds of crayfish.  Please write or e-mail me on shipping
> crayfish as I have a pretty surefire way of doing it with minimal losses.
> Ron Romigh 604 Allen Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061-1606. Phone #: (412)
> 775-6112. Email: rromigh at ccia_com.
> WANTS TO BUY: Lucania goodei, F. Zebrinus ,colorful breedable darters, E.
> evergladi, E. okeefenokee, E.boelkei , E. okatie, E.spring ,  Ennecanthus
> obesus, E.chaetodon , Lepomis marginatus,  L. humilus and L. symmetricus.
> Tyson Lagillandaie, 8483 Blue Lake Dr., San Diego, CA 92119
> Phone #:  (619) 462-1643. Email tysontl at aol_com
> HAS FOR SALE: Captive raised F1 Longear Sunfish (Kansas
> subspecies - (they are the beautiful subspecies as seen in Robert Rice's
> TFH articles), $3.00 per fish plus shipping or will trade for other
> Lepomis species. Has Blackworms avaliable 12$ a pound plus shipping for
> fish customers only.
> Andrew Borgia, P.O Box 4346, Key West, FL 33041 Phone # (305) 294-8739.
>  Email noturus2 at aol_com
> HAS FOR TRADE:  A great variety of marine specimens and
> inverts for trade, also has some Key West herps for trade.  WANTS:
> Interested in a great variety of North American species for a private
> preserved collection.
> DWIGHT D. MOODY P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier, VT  05651
> Phone #: home - (802)476-0685; work (802)241-3482. Email
> address:dwightmoody at hotmail_com HAS: Hetandria Formosa for sale or trade.
> ALSO HAS OR CAN GET: a wide variety of Vermont species between mid-April
> and the end of November, including Fundulus diaphanous,  northern
> Redbelly
> dace , slimy sculpins ,trout-perch, burbot, various minnows, catfish,
> shiners, etc.
> John Laurent, P.O. Box 1018, Bartow, FL 33831
> Email: jfranklaurent at msn_com WANTS: I am interested in buying and
> rearing
> information on the Following species: Blue nose shiners, red shiners,
> pygmy Sunfish, flagfin & sailfin shiners, blue spotted sunfish, Orange
> spotted sunfish, and rainbow darters. HAS: For Commercial sale Shovelnose
> sturgeon , Florida gar others
> Michael Hissom 2124 Van Buren St. Wilmington NC 28401 910-763-0350
> e-mail Moontanman at aol_com Wants:  mudpuppies (dwarf or regular), sirens
> (dwarf), madtoms, atydid shrimp, large amphipods, large isopods and other
> freshwater crustaceans.  rainbow darters
> Have: Freshwater flounders, sleeper gobies, swamp darters, pirate perch,
> Blue spotted sunfish, ghost shrimp. Various
> saltwater fish, killies, mudminnows, pipe fish, baby sharks, hermit
> crabs,
> sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish
> Darryl Roche 425 NE Ave Ft Lauderdale Florida 33301 , email
> phylesis at aol_com has for sale bluefin Killies , Bluespot Sunfish,
> Heterandria Formosa, Pygmy Sunfish,  Florida Flagfish,  wild caught
> Cichlid , dollar sunfish and many other south Florida species for sale
> check with me on prices and availability. My availability changes from
> week
> to week and I often run GREAT blowout  specials. I take personal checks
> and specialize in Aquarium club auctions and Public Aquarium Displays.
> Many Plants avaliable to interested parties 50$ for a box of
> approximately
> 125 plants of my choice based on availability.. On vacation in Florida ?
> Hire me to take you Cichlid/native fish collecting at very reasonable
> Rates . I follow all state and federal regulations. Drop me a note all
> mail
> answered.
> David Schleser 310 Appian Way, Dallas, TX 75216
> 214-943-2025natimg at flash_netHave: For trade only! Heterandria Formosa, E.
> Chaetodon (limited, pond raised), F. Trysts (split to black speckled
> form; pond raised).Can get periodically: Cyprinella lutrensis, Lepomis
> symmetricus, L. marginatus and others. Wanted: Fundulus lineolatus (rosy
> nosed form from S. Georgia), troutperch.
> Ray Suydam - email : raysuy at webtv_net ,  Long Island NY
> Wants :Colorful Daces- Minnows-Plants. Has for trade asst. exotic
> killifish custom spawning mops- shipping boxes.  Serious replies only.
> R.W.Wolff email : choupiqu at wctc_net
> Has: central mudminnow, brook stickleback, northern Redbelly and
> finescale
> dace, tadpole madam, and Iowa darter, captive bred; Heterandria Formosa,
> dollar sunfish 'Louisiana' limited supplies.
> Wants: elassomas, especially zonatum from northern North Carolina. Need
> location data  to keep track of variations in populations.
> Will not ship fish until spring-contact me now for arrangements.
> Dan McMonigle, 3896 Boston Rd., Brunswick, OH 44212-1262, ph#440-238-8336
> email Mcdaphnia at aol_com : Sell or Trade:Live Daphnia Spotted Gambusia
> holbrooki -- strain with nearly all spotted males, some spotted females
> Bruce Bernard: Email : bruce_bernard at yahoo_com WANTED: Olympic
> Mudminnows. Buy or trade for killies, native or exotic.
> M. W. Myers, D.V.M. - M & M Aquatics   ccmyers1 at erols_com WANTS TO BUY :
> 40 to 50 Texas Cichlid ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches in length and
> sexable. Need 20 males and females between 4 and 6 inches and 20 above 6
> inches. Let me know prices and availability. This is for a behavioral
> research project. I also sell unusual tropical killies ask me about
> avaliability.
> Josh Wiegert Email: Wiegerj at paulsmiths_edu, Paul Smiths College Box 1294,
> Paul Smiths, NY 12970 (Sept-Mid Dec, Jan-May. e-mail for address outside
> of this): Wants : ANY Darters, esp. Riffle and Twig Spawners.  Willing to
> trade for anything else.  Has (or can get): Wide variety of plants.  Some
> small perch.  E. olmstedi, E. nigrum, some tropicals, esp.
> Cichlid.Currently living in the middle of nowhere, far from any pet
> shops. Interested in talking to people willing to trade tropicals, as
> well.
> Jeremy Carroll-eagle at on-net_net: Wants: flathead catfish fry,channel
> catfish fry,blue catfish fry.They could also be in the 1-2 inch mark.
> Also any info people have on the Irredescent Shark (pangasius suchi).
> Robert Rice
> Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
> Check out our Exotic Removal Program and Breeders Program at our website
> website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/