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NFC: Press release.....

Press Release Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) : March 27 1999

Exotics Removal Program (ERP) Offers Fish to Aquarium Club Auctions at no
out of pocket cost !

The NFC's exotic removal program continues to grow. In addition to the
wholesaling of wild caught Cichlids , plecos and other exotics they are
now offering to qualified Aquarium Societies the opportunity to receive
these Exotics for their next Club Sanctioned Auction at no out of pocket

It works simply like this you contact the NFC ERP Administrator  Daryl
Roche 425 N. E. 12th Ave Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.   33301 Send e-mail orders
to  DarylRoche at aol_com  with your specific Aquarium club Auction info.
Then if Approved we will send you up to  200 fish to Auction. At the
conclusion of the Auction you simply send your check for the NFC's %
along with  the air freight charges (about 20$), That's all it couldn't
be simpler.

It's win for everybody. You get great wild caught fish. The NFC gets to
do financially self sustaining conservation work.

Check out  the NFC website for more details on the ERP program

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
Check out our Exotic Removal Program and Breeders Program at our website
website  http://nativefish.interspeed.net/