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>Thank you Robert!  You cannot do or think of everything!  But you 
>probably end up coordinating everything.

Im well aware of that. the prblem with any organization like thisa is
getting volunteers with time and skills. then helping them to develop
into program leaders who can in turn bring up more volunteers.

>A think the downloadable FAQ from the NFC website (mentioned in an 
>post) is a wonderful idea.  It will help a lot of people and will 
>attract a
>lot of attention to NFC.  
>I'm going to quote you again on something I consider critical:

If it starts to get away from that SHOUT AWAY ...we are writing this for
youth and Youth leaders.......NOT US <NOT PHDS<NOT TEACHERS ....ITS FOR

>right basic equipment, and if planted (which I prefer), right plants 
>and plant
>support system.  While there are plenty of choices out there, we need 
>select basics that will almost surely succeed if instructions are 

I agree 100% heres the layout of this paper .Chapter 1 Getting
Started/Funding. We need to let people learn to empower themselves with
local funding. The NFC can help fill in equipment gaps and with fish and
technicle advice but thats it we cant be spending $100 on every classroom
library and 4h group in North America.....Chapter 2 basic tank
setups....If we use a good solid setup it will work with all types of
fish.....Chapter 3 How to collect

>Perhaps at a later date we could supply FAQ's for intermediate and 
>levels.  But for now, I suggest we focus on instructions that any 
>intelligent 12 year old can follow and be successful at.

I am hopeing that as this takes of the email list
Conservationkids at listbot_com becomes a place for that type of activity as
graduates of the program help other kids get started.....

>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Robert Rice
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