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Adopt a Tank,

In Scanning the Thread here for the last dAy or so the wealth of Aquarium
Knowledge has become apparent to me. SO being a bit slow I finally
realized this List should be writing the protocal for the Adopt a Tank
Program. You guys have great skills at setting up Low cost Native Fish
tanks so now it is time to Put it to Use I need 2-3 Volunteers with over
5 years experience in the keeping of fish to help me write this protocal.
I'll set up the basic format and you guys will add you experiences to
fill in the gaps. It will essentially be written on a 6th grade level
>..Wich most of my stuff is anyway :)

Please apply to me at robertrice at juno_com

tell me what you would like to see in a program and what kind of time
your able to spend on doing this. If you are allready stretched please do
not apply :)

Robert Rice
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