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Re: NFC: Substrate

There is no absolute answer here. I know aquarists that have used nothing but
gravel as substrate for years with successful plant growth. I use Archilite
because I prefer to start out with a stable sterile substrate. Archilite is a
sandgrain sized baked clay. It is small enough to transfer nutrient absorbed
from either fertilizer tabs or the accumilation of broken down mulm and fish
waste. The other thing sandgrain size additives provide is a firm ground for
the plants roots to take hold of, reducing floating of the rooted plants when
cleaning or uprooting that can occur from overzealous eaters. And plain ole
washed sand works well for that purpose too. There are many ways to go here,
just play around with it till you get something that works for you.
Experimentation is the best way to figure out how things work while trying to
find a solution to a problem.