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NFC: Aquarium Society Auction Scheduale

These are the currently schedualed Aquarium Society Auctions the ERP is
providing fish for, both exotic and native and plants. ALL procceeds from our
portion/split of the auction sales goes to the NFC.

14th   Hartford, Conn   Wayne Mercer  EFSOH
21st   Peoria, Ill.			Rob Gardner

18th	 Atlanta, Ga.				Ken Davis		 AAAA
Atlant Aquarium Area Association http://www.fishlinkcentral.com/AAAA/
25th	 Indianapolis, Ind.		Bill Flowers   CACC

2nd	 North Jersey, NJ    Chris Tognetti		NJAS
		 Long Island, NY		Ray Suydam			NIAS
		 Missouri, unconfirmed

31st	 Champaigne, Ill.      unconfirmed

6th	 Peoria, Ill.				Rob Gardner

We are now giving away Club membership to the
Aquarium Clubs/Societies that participate in the program and we will add your
Clubs URL to our website links page. 
		If I have missed anyone or you have an auction coming up and would like a
shipment of fish and plants from the ERP/NFC then drop me a line here...
Phylesis at aol_com
You can review the protocols on our website. 

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program
Administrator, NFC