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Re: NFC: Re: Basic new aquarium set up, basic aquarium maintenance schedule

In a message dated 3/27/99 10:25:35 AM US Central Standard Time, eagle@on-
net.net writes:

 >I am working on setting up two, possibly three aquariums at different
 >branches here in Indianapolis.  A LFS (local fish store) is
 >two or three used 20 gallon longs.  This may lead to them being set up in
 >other branches.  They will be stocked with native fish and NFC will get
 >and signage.  Initial focus will be around their Children's Summer Reading
 >program.  The first two sites will be inner-city locations.
 What librarys?    >>

2822 East Washington Street branch will be the first one.  The second one will
probably be the one on North Emerson, around 30th Street.  I've known both
managers for several years.  I may need a help with the one on Emerson keeping
it maintained.  That one isn't too far from you, is it?

Thanks, Jeremy.

Chuck Church