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Re: NFC: Madtoms...a field observation...

That has been my theory for a while nice to see other conformation
besides my observations...Question is what makes them get gravid....The
Breeders club guy has tadpole madtoms and will be getting some slenders
to pass on to team members in hopes of getting reproducable breeding

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:49:39 EST Phylesis at aol_com writes:
>I have noticed on more than a few occassions that when collecting, I 
>hit a
>group of madtoms in the same location, (tadpole/gyrinus) without 
>exception the
>group contains at least one ripe female, which leads me to believe 
>that they
>may spawn in numbers, as apposed to single couples. In other words, 
>they seem
>to require more than two to get the proccess running. Just thought I'd 
>that with those attempting to find spawning triggers,ect. in the 

Robert Rice
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