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Re: NFC: Bomb us with articles, Robert.

Im a writer by by part time proffession ...with that and my stock
daytrading it allows me to do what I love wich is work with Fish
conservation and muck around outside 1X every couple of weeks....If you
guys want to see most of my dozens of articles go to the nFC website they
are their in the article database and  can be downloaded to read off

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:59:38 -0800 Christian C Burke
<cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net> writes:
>I also enjoy the articles very much; make no apologies to me.  I do 
>one question though, Robert...
>Where the heck to you find the time to write them?!
>Christian C. Burke
>mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net

Robert Rice
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