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Re: NFC: Bomb us with articles, Robert.

For the record...All my articles are copyrighted to me Duh...I  do allow
aquarium clubs and non commericial publications to reproduce them as Long
as the following occurs.

1. I am given full credit along with the copyright info....

2. The NFc gets a Plug :)

3> I am sent a copy at 2213 Prytania Circle Navarre fl 3256 ...just so I
know whats going on......:)

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:20:05 -0800 Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>
>Michael Granville wrote:
>> Bomb away.  Love the articles.  Keep 'em coming.
>I'll second that one!
>BTW, I forwarded the one on keeping natives to our local killy club 
>editor. Is there a blanket policy on reproducing them in local pubs? 
>He would
>like permission and also how they should be credited, if it *is* OK to 
>use them.
>Contact me off list, and I'll put you in touch, so I don't act as a 
>filter between the two of you. ;-) The list might like to know the 
>rules, too,
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Robert Rice
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