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Re: NFC: Society Auction Protocols, ERP

         I will have to the information you need for sending us fish for
our auction May 2nd by this week (Long Island Aquarium Sociey)

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 This is the protocol for getting wild caught exotic and      	  native fish
for your Aquarium Society Auction

		I am Daryl Roche and I run the Exotic Removal Program in South Florida for
the Native Fish Conservancy, NFC. I also supply fish, both native and exotic,
and plants for aquarium society auctions. 
 		Here is how it works.....
			You send me a copy of your organizations auction rules and regs. and give
me a date you would like to recieve the shipment as well as an address. Fish
are normally shipped aircargo, approx. $36.00. We split the shipping 50/50. 
			I send the fish to arrive on the appointed day, you will need to rebag for
presentation at the auction. When it's over, you send a check, including your
half of the shipping, to NFC's treasurer for our cut of the sales. No out of
pocket on your end. All the procceeds from our cut on these auctions go to the
NFC. This is one of the ERP's functions within the NFC. It serves 2 of our
goals at the Native Fish Conservancy, getting the exotics out of the wild in
Florida and natives into the tanks of a aquarists hungry for something new and
different, which in turn, acts as a vehicle for an appreciation of our little
natives. The public is more inclined to care about thier conservation if they
have them in their livingrooms.
		 E-mail me with the information and we'll discuss the details and put you on
the scheduale.
				Daryl Roche
				Exotic Removal Program 
				Administrator, NFC

Come visit us at http://nativefish.interspeed.net and review our programs like
the Exotic Removal Program and Breeders Club, as well as, view over 250 images
of native fish of North America and much more.

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