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NFC: My first trip out

Well, I couldn't stand it any longer and finally went collecting
yesterday.  It wwas cold, with wind chlls running at about 29 degrees.
Sincde I am somewhat susceptile to colds, I figured I'd better not go in
the water.  so, it was trap day.

My first attempt was on a smal "no-name" creek that is a tributary of the
Marais de Cygnes river.  I had caught many dozens of minnows and young
sunfish here the year before.  It was running with water and things looked
promising.  Unfortunately, after several hours I had caught nothing.  I
did see a few small schools of minnows in the water, but they weren't
interested in my traps.  Using some polarized sunglasses I scanned the
deep pools and could see no sunfish activivity.  Bummer...  so, I decided
to try another great spot.

This spot was further north and located on "Corps" ground surrounding Lake
Pomona.  The creek was Dragoon Creek (so named for the young dragoon
soldier who was taken ill, died and was subsequently buried near it in the
1850's I believe...) and I had collected hear many times last year.  I
could always count on getting a few shiners at least from this spot.  Much
to my anger and consternation however, the 'Corps' had blocked the access
road down to the creek with several large boulders.  I think I will still
be able to collect there this year...just not drive to it.  Not wanting to
carry my traps and gear several hundred yards for just an hours collecting
(it was nearing dark, and being cloudy the light was fading even faster
thn usual) so I backed up, turned around and headed home.  Rather
dissapointed in my 'wasted' day.

Tomorrow however is supposed to be sunny with temps running near 60 and
that means just one thing...darters!  I'll keep you all informed.