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NFC: Auctions

Hello to all... My name is Charles Anderton and I would like to take this time to announce that Robert has appointed me as Interim Auction Administrator...Robert & I have been talking about the next NFC Auction to be held soon and I would like to invite everyone to look around their fishrooms like Brian Perkins has done and see if there might be something that you might like to donate to the auction. Maybe a piece of equipment you havent used in a while or extra books, etc... We have some of the Worms from the last Auction that will be up for bid this time along with some other things that are sure to invite a good response. I am new to this sort of thing so if everyone will just bear with me, I'm sure we can have some fun, and add to the coffers of the NFC at the same time... If anyone wants to talk to  me about this (or possibly volunteer to give me a hand running the auctions) please contact me either thru the NFC list, Sunfish list or privately at  dakota at startext_com   Thanks and I'll be back with more info about the auctions later.....