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Re: NFC: TENECOR Acrylic Tanks...


I own a 65g acrylic tank, but it is made by SeaClear.  To echo Mr.
Wiegert's comments, there are some advantages and disadvantages with
acrylic tanks in general.

The most obvious advantage to acrylic is its shatter resistance.  Living
in California (earthquake country), this is a definite plus.  The other
advantage is aesthetics.  Mine has a large built-in trickle filter that
works reasonably well and is nearly invisible, as it is concealed behind
a colored acrylic panel that serves as the background.  The heater is
placed inside the filter chamber, so all mechnical devices are
completely concealed from view.  Additionally, acrylic tanks tend to
have a more contemporary look.  For these reasons, they make good show

Disadvantages:  As mentioned, they scratch easily and can bow out in the
middle if not properly supported.  Algae is MUCH harder to clean off
acrylic than it is glass.  Another major disadvantage is cost.  Acrylic
tanks can be several times more expensive than glass tanks of the same
size.  I bought my 65g only because a friend was selling it for $125
with the stand.  I imagine the same setup in a store would have probably
cost at least $600 or more.

I have gotten a tremendous amount of enjoyment from my acrylic tank, but
I don't know if I would have bought it new.  My recommendation would be
to assess your fishkeeping needs and budget restraints before breaking
out the visa card.


Christian C. Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net

Baynon wrote:
> Does anyone on this LIST have a TENECOR Acrylic Fishtank?
> If so, what size, and what pros and cons have you found with this tank?
> Thanks.
> C Baynon
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