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Re: NFC: Moina culturing (hogwash)

Sounds like a great idea, Dwight.
One question, though... what about the possible toxin buildups from teh
water?  Especially true if you're culturing cyanobacteria -- the bacteria
produce some -very- toxic bits.  Although daphnia won't eat these, it
could  create quite a buildup if its not being removed by water changes...
just one example, and something to watch for.
However, you've created a rather inneffecient algal filter -- one of the
best filtration methods, IMO, available, and widely popular in the marine
environment.  Its something I've been working on dong for my plant tanks -
although a bit more evolved than your method...  Basically, I'd be hooking
up a5-10gallon tank to a slow siphon and pump... the water pours in, like
any kind of filter.  However, unlike most, this would be in direct
sunlight, under as much light as possible and have a number of places for
greenwater to grow.  The water would, of course, pas thru "standard"
filtration before and after.  

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> On a related note, I have instituted a rather neat recycling process in 
> my fish room.  When doing tank cleanings, I take some of the wastewater 
> and put it in large one gallon jars, which are placed in a window to 
> create green water cultures.  The green water is a great food for tiny 
> fry and works super as a food for daphnia.
> I take the green water, which is algae and protozoa grown from fish 
> wastes, and feed the daphnia, which exhibit explosive growth and 
> reproductionrates on green water cultures.  The daphnia are then fed to 
> the fish, closing the loop.  Cuts down on the need for prepared foods 
> and haven't had any incidents of disease transmission.  Green water is 
> added to the daphnia cultures as needed - when the daphnia clear the 
> water, add some more and/or harvest some daphnia.  Have kept my cultures 
> going all winter by this method.
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> >	<grin> So, what do you think of the subject line? 
> >
> >	Seriously, at the following URL:
> >
> >	http://www.science.nus.edu.sg/~webdbs/research/fish/index.html
> >
> >can be found a few pages dealing with tropical fish and live food
> >culturing on a large-scale in Singapore. Of particular interest would 
> be
> >the page on culturing Moina and the use of pig-farm waste-water 
> (hogwash). 
> >Apparently, moina clean out the water enough for it to be suitable for
> >agriculture.
> >
> >Sajjad
> >
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