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Re: NFC: Moina culturing (hogwash)

On a related note, I have instituted a rather neat recycling process in 
my fish room.  When doing tank cleanings, I take some of the wastewater 
and put it in large one gallon jars, which are placed in a window to 
create green water cultures.  The green water is a great food for tiny 
fry and works super as a food for daphnia.

I take the green water, which is algae and protozoa grown from fish 
wastes, and feed the daphnia, which exhibit explosive growth and 
reproductionrates on green water cultures.  The daphnia are then fed to 
the fish, closing the loop.  Cuts down on the need for prepared foods 
and haven't had any incidents of disease transmission.  Green water is 
added to the daphnia cultures as needed - when the daphnia clear the 
water, add some more and/or harvest some daphnia.  Have kept my cultures 
going all winter by this method.

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>	<grin> So, what do you think of the subject line? 
>	Seriously, at the following URL:
>	http://www.science.nus.edu.sg/~webdbs/research/fish/index.html
>can be found a few pages dealing with tropical fish and live food
>culturing on a large-scale in Singapore. Of particular interest would 
>the page on culturing Moina and the use of pig-farm waste-water 
>Apparently, moina clean out the water enough for it to be suitable for
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