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NFC: Calling All Hands

Hey All,

  I recently received a phone call from a person in Topeka interested in
fish in general and considering setting up a 180 Gal. tank and possibly
using natives.  I've tried to help him as much as I can, and directed him
to the web page.  Unfortunately, when he tries to access it, his computer
says it is not available.  Anyone know why?  he has AOL and I didn't know
if maybe the recent web page changes had messed up soemthing with AOL.  I
know my bookmark was blown away when this happened so it is a thought.

  I thought the web page address was still:


that is still correct isn't it?  Anyway, he could use some pointers and
suggestions on setting up a large planted tank.  His name is Bill Beachy
and his address is:

billbeachy at aol_com

Anyone care to help him?  Josh, you know plants, care to join in?