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Re: NFC: ecology 101

Why introduce new species when Nature has spent millions of years
developing the proper formula for each habitat? Instead of introducing
new species to correct a problem, I think more emphasis should be placed
on correcting the situation that caused the problem in the first place.

I doubt that, by now, ecological niches that appear unfilled are
actually unfilled at all, unless it is the result of the activities of
man. Again, investing more effort to understand these niches and
attempting to return them to normal would probably be best.

In the case of trying to compensate for the rapid spread of exotics,
such as the zebra mussel, well, there doesn't seem much choice right now
but to watch and see what happens. Perhaps the introduction of another
species that would prey upon the problem is a solution, but I think
that's just opening another can of worms.

Who knows Moon, perhaps there are areas where the introduction of new
species would be beneficial without upsetting the original balance. I
guess the question would then be what is the best way to figure out what
the best solution actually is?