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NFC: ecology 101

We haven't had any real mind expanding discussions lately so I am going to try
and start one. It is my opinion that their are many empty ecological niches in
the North American fish fauna. To put it another way, the fish populations of
north America lack diversity, their are many ecological roles that are empty
or missing and that the ecology of the water fauna in north America could be
much more diverse without hurting the ecology that already exists here. There
is room for creatures that could make their living without impinging on the
diversity that we already have, (their may not be any such creatures) I'm not
really sure how to proceed further except to propose that their is room for
more fish that eat algae and or aquatic plants than are currently poorly
filling that niche. Any arguments? Any more proposed aquatic animals that we
could use to fill out our ecology? Any body brave enough to actually propose a
fish we now know about? (we'll assume for the sake of argument that they could
take our weather no matter what they could survive in the real world) I'll
propose the first fish, "Red Belly Pacu" , I say we could use a fish like this
Pacu to eat the unused aquatic plants that clog many of our water ways, and
that being an prolific egg scatterer, their spawn and young would make good
food for other fish in our current ecology, not to mention good eating at the
dinner table. OK, chew me up and spit me out, or propose another niche and or
aquatic animal to fill it.