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NFC: lake I found

I brought back a bunch of bottom algae, leaves, and hair grass I scooped up
with a small net just to see what sort of animals were in the lake. I put them
in a 2 gallon aquarium and allowed it to settle out. Low and behold! Fish! At
least two small fish fry about 1/2 inch long and big around as a small pencil
lead. Ravenous predators, eats daphnia I put in the tank with a real gusto. I
have got to find out who owns that lake and get permission to catalogue the
specimens that live there. Again the lake is completely cut off, no in or out,
and the water is black as coffee. I will start calling today to gain
permission for access of the lake. To see the lake on satellite click here: 
<A HREF="http://terraserver.microsoft.com/GetTilesByXY.asp?XId=9345&YId=3155&T
ileX=1&TileY=5&SrcId=1&ImgDate=02/03/1993&DSize=1">Microsoft TerraServer Full
Resolution Image P9...</A>  there appear to be two lakes, one appears to have
a sandy beach, it is not a permanent pond, the other is a round dark lake with
no sand visible around it. that is the Lake I am very interested in.