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NFC: Fw: Nominations for Youth Roundtable

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From: "David Carrier" <CARRIER at fourhcouncil_edu>
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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 16:29:01 -0500
Subject: Nominations for Youth Roundtable
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Request for Nominations for Youth Roundtable at National Town Meeting

The President's Council on Sustainable Development and the Global
Environment and
Technology Foundation will be co-sponsoring a National Town Meeting
for a Sustainable
America in Detroit, Michigan, on May 2-5, 1999. The National Town
Meeting will focus on the
Goals, Themes, and Strategies for America to make the transformation
to a sustainable society as
we enter the 21st Century. The program will feature over 100
educational programs, highlight
best practices, and present case studies of communities throughout
the nation working to achieve

From 8:30 to 10:00 on the morning of May 5, 1999, the National Town
Meeting will feature a
Youth Roundtable consisting of twenty leaders ages 12-18 who have
demonstrated commitment
to the values defined in the President's Council on Sustainable
Development's "Goals" statement
(there are 10 goals pertaining to: Health and the Environment;
Economic Prosperity; Equity;
Conservation of Nature; Stewardship; Sustainable Communities; Civic
Engagement; Population;
International Responsibility; and Education). 

The event Co-Sponsors are seeking your nomination of one or more
young leaders to serve as
delegates to the National Town Meeting Youth Roundtable. 

Nominations are to be submitted to the Youth Roundtable Planning
Committee, c/o David
Carrier, National 4-H Council, by midnight March 18, 1999. 
Nominations may be submitted by e-mail to <carrier at fourhcouncil_edu>
or by fax 
at 301-961-2894. David will also be available to answer questions
about the Youth

The Planning Committee is also requesting that each nominated youth
submit a
250-word statement (equivalent to about 1 page, double-spaced)
answering the
following questions: 

1. What projects are you involved in at school or in your community
which relate
to sustainability? Specifically, describe your direct involvement. 
2. What ideas do you have for improving the quality of life in your
school or
3. How will you benefit from participating in the Youth Roundtable? 
4. After the Youth Roundtable, how will you share your experience
with others in
your school and community? Specifically, describe your plans for 
communicating this experience. 

Youth Delegates will be selected on March 22, 1999 by a panel of
appointed by the Global Environment and Technology Foundation and the

National 4-H Council. The panel of judges will include youth

The essay will allow the Selection Committee to base the selection of
delegates on the strength of the nomination and the communications
skills of the

In addition to participating in the National Town Meeting, youth
delegates will be
SolarQuest I-NetNews Team correspondents, reporting on events and
during the four days of the National Town Meeting. News stories and
articles written by the youth delegates will be published on the
SolarQuest web
site and linked from several other web sites on the Internet. 
The SolarQuest I-NetNews Team is sponsored by EcoSage Corporation.
Information concerning the I-NetNews Team can be found at the
project web site: www.solarquest.com. 

Thank you for your assistance in helping us identify qualified young
leaders to
represent America's youth at the National Town Meeting for a


The Youth Roundtable Planning Committee:

Allan Baer, Ron Swenson, EcoSage Corporation 
David Carrier, National 4-H Council
Chuck Chaitovitz, Stuart Claggett, Monica Ellis, Global Environment
Technology Foundation
David Pines, Foundation for the Future of Youth