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Re: NFC: Re;Traps

Best selection and price that I have come across is found at Nylon Net 
Company, (1-800-238-7529, website - http://www.nylonnet.com/).  They  
have galvanized wire traps, plastic traps, collapsible traps, etc., all 
at reasonable prices.

PS: The amended NY Scientific Collection Permit should be arriving this 
week which should authorize me to collect a variety of 
freshwater/brackish/marine species on Long Island for NFC research and 
the Breeder's Program.  I am planning to come down in the next few weeks 
to do some collecting and was wondering if you know any inexpensive 
places to stay and whether you might want to go collecting with me.  Let 
me know !  

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>Does anyone on the list know of a good source for minnow traps, or has
>plans to construct them?
>Ray Suydam
>Port Jefferson 
>Long Island,NY

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