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Re: NFC: Nfc: Flathead Catfish

>Hey Jeremy:
>I'm in Indianapolis, too.  Contact me some time when you are ready to
>Bill Flowers and I went out one time last year and will do so again this
>Hope to get Charlie Grimes out, too.
>I'm looking for a site around here to get grass pike and gar if you know
>The place I used to get them (Sugar Creek) seems to have dried up as a
>for them. I also promised someone some Iron Colored shiners if I can come
>with them.

What part of Indianapolis? Just tell me were and ill try to be there to help
out.Just as long as it ins to far away it kewls.I go to mounds state park
and fort harrison state park.FHP is were I take all the catfish that have
grown to sufficient size to survive on there own.Right now I am looking for
Flathead catfish fry or flatheads in the 1-2 inch mark.See yahs.