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Re: NFC: telephone

> OK, I know I have asked this question before and received a less than warm
> welcome due to the legal implications. I need to know how to make a hand
> cranked electric catfish rig more powerful. I have some idea's (trust me when
> I say that this is completely legal where I live and helps to keep down the
> populations of catfish caught between locks and damns on the river).  Any
> Idea's will be gratefully accepted. I have some questions of my own, first
> this is a hand cranked generator, I assume it puts out DC 

Moon, rather than answer the specific questions in your post, I will 
point out that any electric motor with permanent magnets can be 
used as a generator.  Thus you can use your trolling motor as a 
hand cranked generator if you so desire.  Yes, the stronger the 
magnets the stronger the current.  



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