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Re: NFC: Exxon Valdez has hit my tanks

If it is a very thin layer, one can place newspapers to soak up the oil, 
or dry sawdust.  You can also get absorbents from industrial supply 
houses that will only absorb oil, not water.  Personally, I would check 
out my equipment and find out where the oil is coming from - perhaps one 
of your water pumps blew out a seal.

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>Just kidding but I woke up this morning to an oil slick in one of my 
>gallon tanks and the water in the cascade system was opaque. So I 
>the system all 300 gallons ( 120 in the cascade system) and scrubbed 
>tanks. After refilling I noticed on the surface of the main tank a thin
>layer of oil. So I have yet to hook up the cascade or reintroduce the 
>Without having to drain the tank again does anyone know of something 
that I
>can use to skim the oil off or remove it ?
>The One Who Walks Two Paths

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