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NFC: collecting

I have a bad announcement to make, to all those I promised adult or young
redfin pickerel and probably blue spotted sunfish I have run into a snag. My
favorite collecting areas have been declared off limits. I know all you guys
that collect over great distances might find that hard to believe but most of
my collecting has been concentrated in one lake and exit stream and entry
streams. I am looking diligently for new places to collect but some of you
that have collected in swamps know how difficult it can be just to get near
the water. If things change I'll do my best to send all that I promised I
don't think it was more than three or four people and if you would contact me
off list so I'll know you get the first of any fish I catch. all the fish I
have been able to catch lately have had large sores and missing fins with raw
spots. I don't know why they are like that, but I am not going to ship any of
those fish.