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Re: NFC: A Brook in The City Robert Frost

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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 10:27 PM
Subject: Re: NFC: A Brook in The City Robert Frost

>Touching poem! My appetite for native fish, having changed from the
>benefits of a handful of species to the study of the many varieties of what
>use to call "minnows", was whetted at a similar urban brook in Kalamazoo,
>Michigan. Much of its length runs through a pipe below the parking lots of
>several shopping centers, but its last several hundred yards is free until
>dumps into Portage Creek. This small trickle is home to central
>johnny darters, creek chubs, and an occasional sunfish or fingerling
>largemouth bass. It has no name, but I have dubbed it Pratt's Creek after a
>former landowner whose name is only remembered by the narrow street that
>along the brook. I checked an old plat map and could envision what its
>beauty must have been like. Frost's poem brings back memories of this urban
>stream where I was introduced to the beauty of our natives, even if the
>setting was not so.

I'm from Kalamazoo also (Portage, to be more exact).  The poem reminded me
of Arcadia Creek, which was partially un-buried a few years ago.  The part
of the creek that runs through the city still has concrete sides, but at
least it's open to the air now, and you can see bluegills swimming in it.

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