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Please pass this newworthy item on to the apprpriate parties......

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Thai conservation alert (fwd)]
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> Hi Folks,
> This deplorable situation just came to my attention.
> David M. Schleser
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> Subject: Thai conservation alert (fwd)
> Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 02:51:33 -0500
> From: Gad Perry <gad_perry at compuserve_com>
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> Folks,
> I'm forwarding a petition that came flying my way from Israel to stop
> destructive practices in the filming a new moview in Thailand. My guess
> it is too late for this one, but may have some residual affect for the
> one. Sorry if you've seen this before,
> Gad
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> It's time to go after FOX, SPIELBERG and KAZAN
> Dear Friends,
> On a recent trip to Thailand I discovered that 20th Century Fox is
> making a movie called "The Beach" on Phi Phi Leh Island, a treasured
> National Park in Thailand.  Portions of the film, which stars Leonardo
> Caprio (Titanic-fame), will be shot on Maya Beach on the island of Phi
> Leh.
> This is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled islands in the Pacific and
> is being destroyed to meet Hollywood's perception of paradise. The film
> company has already bulldozed large portions of the beach and removed
> of the natural vegetation (Giant Milkweed, Sea Pandanus, Spider Lily
> other beach grass)
> in order to widen the beach to accommodate a football scene.
> Fox plans to replace the native vegetation with 100 non-native coconut
> palms to create their "paradise."
> Local Thai activists feared that removing the natural vegetation would
> create serious erosion, and they were right.  The beach has already
> eroded and now locals are very worried about how much of the beach and
> will remain after the monsoons.
> Phi Phi Leh Island is supposedly protected as a National Park and is
key to
> the local tourist economy.  Thai activists report that Thailand's Royal
> Forestry Department violated their own regulations and were bought off
> 20th Century Fox, who paid the government Bhat 4 million.
> Local activists are enraged that the government would cave in to Fox's
> demands and that their concerns were ignored.  Activists are not
opposed to
> filming on Maya
> Bay, but want the island to be filmed as-is.  A lawsuit has been filed,
> an injunction to stop further destruction of the island was denied.
> The local Thai people have tried everything, from the courts to
> blockading the beach, to protect their island.  They need our help. 
> ask the American public to take action and boycott the film.  The Thai
> people point out that Americans would never allow Thai film makers to
> bulldoze Yellowstone or other US Na onal Parks.  Hollywood must get the
> message that exploiting the
> environment and powerless people is unethical for mere entertainment.
> Please help the people of Thailand by:
> 1) Passing this message on to everyone you know.
> 2) Signing the petition below.
> 3) Write a letter to producer Andrew McDonald.  Tell him you will
> boycott the film unless 20th Century Fox stops destroying Maya  Bay.
> The address is:
> Andrew MacDonald, Producer
> c/o Carol Sewell
> 10201 W. Pico Blvd. Building 89, Room 224
> Los Angeles, CA 90035
> Check out web site of Maya Bay at:  http:www.wildrockies.org/wve/
> Please sign the petition and forward to someone else.  If your name is
> #50,#100, #150 and so on, please send the petition back to:
> bryony at wildrockies_org>
> TO: Andrew McDonald, Producer "The Beach"
> We, the undersigned, will not see your film "The Beach" and will
> encourage our friends and family to boycott the film unless you cease
> desist from destroying Maya Bay by removing the native vegetation and
> planting coconut palms. Maya Bay is already a paradise and does NOT
> Hollywood's unnecessary alterations.
> 1). Bryony Schwan, Missoula, Montana USA
> 2) Laura Scherubel, Missoula, MT, USA
> 3) Claire Emory, Ovando, MT USA
> 4) Carol Hett, Sheridan, WY  USA
> 5) Sue Nackoney, West Yellowstone, MT USA
> 6) Anna R. Mosqueda, Sacramento, CA, USA
> 7) Barbara Warner, Lebanon, KY 40033
> 8) Nancy Ellen Smith, Woodstock, GA USA
> 9) Kathy Richmond, Vice President,Friends of the West,Clayton, ID
> 10) Scott Edgerton, Missoula, Montana, USA
> 11) Chuck Pezeshki, Director,Clearwater Biodiversity Project, Troy, ID
>    83871
> 12) Ward Klemer, Seeley Lake, MT, USA
> 13) Aaron Coffin, Missoula, MT USA
> 14) Bruce Herbert, Seattle, WA USA
> 15) Darlene Schanfald, Pt Angeles WA  USA
> 16) A. Quarto, Pt. Angeles, WA USA
> 17) Jim Enright, Yadfon Association, Trang, Thailand
> 18)Miriam Huitric, Stockholm, Sweden
> 19)Amy Olsson, Stockholm, Sweden
> 20)Michel Van Zeveren, Brussels, Belgium
> 21)Kajsa Sundstrum, Brussels, Belgium
> 22)Francois Bruart, Brussels, Belgium
> 23)Sophie Lambrighs, Brussels, Belgium
> 24)Barbara Pe IJ       !P Iß` Belgium
> 25) C1 le Vyncke, Antwerp, Belgium
> 26)Johan Coeck, Institute of Nature Conservation, Brussels, Belgium
> 27) Geert De Knijf, Institute of Nature Conservation, Brussels, Belgium
> 28) Hein de Wolf, Beverwijk, The Netherlands
> 29) Tom Meijer, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
> 30) Peter Beninger, Univ. Nantes, Nantes France
> 31) Jenny Gronefeld, Grace Analytical Labs, Chicago,IL
> 32) Jack Michon, Los angeles Greens
> 33)  Denise Lassaw, Homer, Alaska
> 34) Linda Feiler, Anchor Point, AK
> 35) Kate Finn, Anchor Point, AK
> 36) John Thomas, Santa Rosa, CA
> 37) Ido Tsurim, Beer-Sheva, Israel
> 38) Gil Ben-Natan, Arad, Israel
> 39) Ofer Ovadia, Beer-Sheva, Israel
> 40) Amos Bouskila, Beer-Sheva, Israel
> 41) Gad Perry, Guam, USA
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