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Re: NFC: forward and questions

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:

> Here is something I posted on the NANFA list but never got replies (but would
> like to).
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> Here is the original post:
> Subj:          Re: NANFA-- Re: NFC: frozen food
> Date:   1/29/99 9:35:36 AM US Central Standard Time
> From:   DANEELY at biology_as.ua.edu (David A. Neely)
> Sender: owner-nanfa at aquaria_net
> Mark,
> > Can you describe a "benthic plate sampler" for us?
> Sorry for the jargon.  Take a stack of square pieces of untreated
> plywood, drill a hole in the center, put a long eye bolt through the
> holes and place spacers in between so that the plywood pieces are
> 1/4" to 1/2" apart.  Tie to a cement block and have fun. All sorts of
> critters will colonize these artificial substrates.
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> This subject is interesting.  What other structures would you typically find
> in a stream or lake that you could collect "critters" usable as fish food?
> Any ideas on harvesting them?  Just a matter of scraping stuff in to a bucket
> and then dumping some in to the aquarium?  Could some be frozen?
> I'm thinking of all the junk, usually near bridges, I see in the water when
> collecting.   If out, I might as well pick up some fresh food if possible.  Is
> there anything that should be avoided?  Do you risk introducing undesirable
> things in to the aquarium environment (algae, parasites, etc.)?  Could
> anything be harvested in the winter?
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I would be worried about getting anything off of old tires.