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Re: NFC: Auction


We  will soon have a link to ebay similar to the amazon link. Ebay has a
neat program and I think when we get a bit more stuff donated . i'll
contact em to see if they can help us little fish. Thanks for looking out
for us Bill.......BTW someone Join the NFC off the new CC machine on the
sight...I wanna see how it works :)

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999 20:34:32 -0600 Bill Flowers <bloomin at indy_net>
>     I was doing some surfing and came across a website that will
>auction about anything. The site is http://www.ebay.com. This is a 
>that is one big auction going on all the time. There is quite a bit 
>aquarium items being sold. I was wondering if we might want to 
>some things off for the organization. This would give us a lot more
>exposure than just the members at large. Might even bring some new
>members in. Because of the size the bidding can be hectic. What do 
>all think?
>     A fish addict,
>       BillF
>  P.S. Where was everybody for chatting last weekend. Me, myself, and 
>had a great discussion. :-)

Robert Rice
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