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NFC: forward and questions

Here is something I posted on the NANFA list but never got replies (but would
like to).  
Here is the original post:

Subj:	       Re: NANFA-- Re: NFC: frozen food
Date:	1/29/99 9:35:36 AM US Central Standard Time
From:	DANEELY at biology_as.ua.edu (David A. Neely)
Sender:	owner-nanfa at aquaria_net

> Can you describe a "benthic plate sampler" for us?

Sorry for the jargon.  Take a stack of square pieces of untreated 
plywood, drill a hole in the center, put a long eye bolt through the 
holes and place spacers in between so that the plywood pieces are 
1/4" to 1/2" apart.  Tie to a cement block and have fun. All sorts of 
critters will colonize these artificial substrates.  


This subject is interesting.  What other structures would you typically find
in a stream or lake that you could collect "critters" usable as fish food?
Any ideas on harvesting them?  Just a matter of scraping stuff in to a bucket
and then dumping some in to the aquarium?  Could some be frozen?  

I'm thinking of all the junk, usually near bridges, I see in the water when
collecting.   If out, I might as well pick up some fresh food if possible.  Is
there anything that should be avoided?  Do you risk introducing undesirable
things in to the aquarium environment (algae, parasites, etc.)?  Could
anything be harvested in the winter?


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