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NFC: List Rules and Regs

The rules and regs are located below.  They need a little updating, which
I'll get to eventually.  Please note the following addendum, which will be
integrated shortly.  

Cross Posting:
  We now have a total of 10 lists (9 of which are Actwin lists, including
the digest.)  Obviosuly, this can lead to some confusion if theres not any
set r/r on cross posting, not to mention massive volumes of mail.  This,
for instance, will create 7 new messages in my mailbox.  
  Admin messages (like this) which apply directly to all lists will be
sent to all lists.  If it applies to only lists a-c, only lists a-c will
get it.  This will create extra mail for those of us on all the lists, but
it will insure that no one can miss the message.
  General announcements will go to - and only to - NFC.
  A mail message will be sent to only the applicable lists.  If it applies
to predators, it gets sent to just the predators list.  If it applies to
sunfish, just the sunfish.  If its just a general question, just to NFC.
If its a question about a topic which has a list, and you're not a member,
feel free to send it off to the nfc list.  It'll probably get answered
there just the same.   THe sublists are meant to be TOPIC specific.  S,
only posts about their obvious topics.  
  The FWL is a low volume mailing list for the FWL to be sent off on, for
auctions to be held on, and for just general "I'm looking for fish x" type
stuff.  Auctions should be announced on NFC, but no bids made anywhere but
FWL.  If you're interested, join FWL.  

End Addendum.
I'm going to be pretty light on that for a while, until we all get into
the gear of things.  I'm generally pretty loose about stuff anyhow, but,
frequent spamming of multiple lists is going to get you in hot water.
This is definitely going to be something I'm going to notice straightaway
-- I'm on all the lists, and if I keep seeing, "gee, that looks familiar"
in the mail I get, its going to be quick to note that something ain't

Rules and Guidelines for The Native Fish Conservancy List and Sublists

   Spam is defined as followed:  Any unwelcome commercial posting, or
multiple postings of the same materiel.  (Such as posting the same message
5 times.)  The following exceptions exist:
-=Relevant=- Articles (Such as RR's frequent posting of identical articles
on native fishes.)
The Trading Post, Creel, Fish Wish List, etc.: These are  collective posts
of people looking for fishes.  There is a section for commercial messages.
These are run by individuals on the list.  Other such units should gain
approval from the list manager before posting. 
Accidental repeats:  Your router is lagging, and a message didn't make it
through for 8 hours.  You repeated it.  Both got sent.  As long as its
obviously not purposeful, it won't get you in trouble.  

First Offense:  Warning.
Second Offense: Suspension from list for time period of administrators
Third: Permanent removal.

Extremely offensive material may result in immediate and permanent
removal.  Examples include sex or pornographic advertisements, chain
letters, and triangle/pyramid/etc. scams.  These will also result in a
nice little letter sent to your servers administrator, which may result in
revocation of your account there.  

SPAM sent from adresses not on the list do not go thru.  However, they do
createa  bounce to the list-owners private account.  Any spam traced from
a false adress back to a list member will result in the above, skipping
first offense.  
Bluntly, I'm sick and tired of getting a mailbox full of spam, ya'll don't
like it, I don't like it.  Especially not when I've already got a ton of


   A flame is any insulting or in/flam/atory remark.  This is something
meant to intentionally anger or upset someone else.  This is at the
receiving parties and/or list admin.'s discretion.  

First and Second Offense:  Warnings.
Third and Forth  Offense:  Suspension for time period of admin.
Fifth:  Removal.

   Watch what you say, and you won't get in trouble.  Light comments will
generally be ignored.  


   Keep the material in posts relevant.  Some wandering of topics is bound
to occur, and will generally be ignored.  Keep the politics to a minimum.
Completely off topic posts should not be made.  

General Offense: Notice to keep on topic to list.
Continued: Warnings.
Regular: Suspension.
Continued Regular:  Removal.

   Again, this is at discretion.  Yes, its a fish list.  If you have a
question about fish that is off topic: You may send it to me at
joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu.  If I can't answer it myself, I'll get it
answered, or just make up something that sounds good.

  Harrassment by other means:
    You can get a list of all members of the list by sending mail to
Majordomo at actwin_com with the command who nfc in the body.  Use of this
list to spam/flame or otherwise bother list members will result in
immediate removal and/or contact to your site admin.  The same goes for
just sending mail to someone whos recently posted.  Messages of this
nature should be forwarded WITH HEADERS to joshuaw at paul_paulsmiths.edu.
     The volume of this document applies to members of
NFC-Digest at actwin_com and its members, as well as NFC at actwin_com and its

  Correcting the Admin:
     The admin, me, is always right.  If I say the sky is orange, its
orange.  Don't argue with me. :)  With all seriousnous, this comment
simply means that all decisions by the list administrator are final.

  Final Comments:
     The list has been more or less flame free, and, aside from some
 situations mostly on topic.  We'd like to keep it that way.
Everyone makes mistakes, and they'll generally be forgiven.  As long as
you're not out to make an ass of yourself, you shouldn't get into too much
     Those of you who know me know that I'm a pretty easy going guy.  As
I've said before, if you're not out to make a jerk of yourself, you'll be
allright.  I'm not out to be a censor, I'm not out to settle disputes,
just try to keep the list a bit happy for everyone.

J. L. Wiegert                                    ICQ UIN: 1918889
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 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
Native Fish Conservancy Mailing List (NFC at actwin_com) Administrator.
The list is also available in digest form (NFC-Digest at actwin_com).
To subscribe to this list, send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the
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unsubscribe, send mail to Majordomo at actwin_com with the command
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