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NFC: positng to the lists

Ok, I can already see a BIG problem developing and I think it should be
nipped in the bud right now.  Let's set a few rules on posting to these
sub-lists, ok?  In other words, general announcemts and articles should be
sent to the main list.  Specific posts should be for specific lists only
and not posted everywhere or even on the main list.  If we don't do this,
then we are going to look awfully stupid...after all, the pint of all
these sublists was to reduce traffic on the main list, NOT to increase the
number of multiple postings.  If you ain't on the FWL, don't expect to
receive it over the main listing, ditto for benthic, cyprinids, etc.
Otherwise, this is just a waste of time. (system tests are the exception
of course...)  Well, that's my opinion anyway.  anyone else care to share