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Re: NFC: A Rallying Cry.......

Robert, you hit the nail on the head. The bad part is that wildlife agencies
seem to be unconcerned and really don't want to hear about anything that steps
outside their paradigm. I apologize to all those wild life people who do care
but you seem to be few and far between. I spent the whole summer trying to do
something and was more or less brushed off because of my lack of credentials.
I am on the verge of giving up, it takes up so much of my energy that I have
so little of. We need to work together is easy to say but difficult to do. I
really don't know how in my condition to do much more than make noise,
meanwhile the housing projects and malls continue to destroy unchallenged the
wildlife the government makes so much noise pretending to protect. I know of
several (close to one hundred acres of) Venus flytraps that were destroyed for
yet another housing development, a wet land with pond pines, pitcher plants,
and flytraps so thick you could hardly walk for them. If you got caught
digging them up, well, mass murderers don't get the press flytrap poachers
get, but drain several hundred acres of wetlands and no one even notices. to
keep the ground drained for the houses huge pumps must pull huge amounts of
water from under the ground, area well have gone dry, lawns we rolled out, and
the fly traps are no more. since some of this land was wet year round no doubt
fishes were impacted as well, my wife's uncle owns some of this land, I have
been trying to get him to sell it to me so I could protect it. I won't lie, I
would build me a house on the highest portion of it but the rest would be left
as is fly traps, ponds, and all. To me more valuable than any amount of money,
to most just more land to roll out lawns on. I'll step down off my soap box
for now. Money is king ecology is nothing.