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NFC: RE: NEW NFC AD/auction

R. Rice

Is there only the "2 -50$ gift certificates" donated by Brineshrimp
Direct on this auction?  I even looked on the auction web page and did
not see any thing.  To boot ain't seen no bids.

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	Subject:	NFC: NEW NFC AD/auction


	we have a new advertiser on the website. Brineshrimp Direct a
	that sells flake food and brine shrimp eggs at wholesale prices
to the
	public. Check out their website at
http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com. to
	check out their worthwhile products. As part of their NFC
commimemnt they
	will be donating 2 -50$ gift certificates that we will auction
off at the
	next auction. So if you are in need of Brine Shrimp or flake
food this
	special auction might just be for you. 

	Cut off on this auction is 6 pm. CST 2/28 Please bid generously

	Robert Rice
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