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Re: NFC: Selling Duckweed

Hey  Moon....Maybe duckweed, your mystery plant & some of those 3" Striped Shrimp you're trying to breed into existence...<G>

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Date: Thursday, February 25, 1999 12:46 AM
Subject: Re: NFC: Selling Duckweed

>Selling duckweed? Kinda like selling air isn't it. I have a floating plant
>that does much better than duck weed and makes a great compost while it's
>still green. Probably the best soil enhancer or potting soil that ever was.
>Works the same way as duck weed, forms a thicker layer on top of the water
>promoting anaerobic conditions better. Has no pests that I have ever seen. And
>is pretty! With stands below freezing temps. Anybody want to start a business
>with me?
>                                                                        Moon