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Re: NFC: ilyodon furcidens

Stupidity is not an issue here, as all of us run into confusion over 
scientific and common names.  Unfortunately, both the common names and 
the scientific names can vary, depending on region and the scientific 
references used, with some fish having been referenced in the literature 
by a dozen or more scientific names.  Fortunately, the Master Index of 
Freshwater Fishes, located at 


has a cross-reference of dozens of common names and scientific names.  
In the case of Ilyodon furcidens, it has been referred to by several 
scientific names by various authors.  Its common name in German is 
Leopardkarpfling, however, a LFS in my area refers to them as "Bass 
Goodeids" (they look somewhat like a bass in coloration).

PS: I have a good colony of this fish is anyone is interested in 
trading.  Easy to keep, needs algae and soft plants (herbivorous), 
prefers cool temperatures but can tolerate warmer temps, although the 
fish stop breeding at higher temps.  Supposedly aggressive towards other 
fish, but mine seem to limit their squabbles to their own species.  
Don't seem to bother other, smaller fish they have been raised with (I 
have mine in with some small (1/2 inch) platies and zebra danios, along 
with small Florida Flagfish, without incident, despite the fact that my 
largest female goodeid is about 5" long and the largest male goodeid is 
4" long and either could have the smaller fish for a snack.  Probably 
the key is to avoid adding new fish to an existing aquarium with 
goodeids, which would tend to elicit territorial disputes.  Better to 
add goodeids to an existing aquarium, especially if the goodeids are 
small, so they get used to having other small fish as tankmates.

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>This brings up something I would like to ask myself.  Could we please 
>the common names of fishes as well?  You see, I have so much to learn 
>it is now with school and all, I don't have time to look up these 
>and I don't have them memorized.  I'm not griping or anything (lest 
>the oh grand, imperious, magnanimous list stomper try to get me...he he
>he)  just asking for people to adjust to my stupidity.  (no comments
>please...it's all been said already)
>On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Anderson, Ron wrote:
>> Hey fishheads,   I am looking for info on this fish.  I picked up a 
>> colony of these, and I am searching for any and all info I can get.  
It is 
>> sorely lacking on the web.  I know its a mexican goodied livebearer, 
>> thats all I know. Is this fish endangered?  Its dorsal is set way 
back, and 
>> the tail is kind of large, so I'm figuring it comes from streams? 
Thanks a 
>> million,  Ron

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